Special Education  ~  Student Discipline  ~  Bullying/Harassment  ~  Seclusion/Restraint  ~  Civil Rights
Michigan education law attorney James Lester provides legal advice and representation to help families
throughout Michigan resolve school and education related problems, including disputes involving special
education, student discipline and other matters described below.

A low cost case review and consultation service is available for parents who just want information and
advice about a school related concern without formal representation. When a problem is more substantive or
complex, or when parents would simply prefer not to deal with the school themselves,  Mr. Lester provides
formal legal representation in negotiations, administrative hearings, mediation, litigation and appeals.  

Mr. Lester is diligent in pursuing a favorable outcome in every case.  He views each child's education as a
"must win" situation.  Equally important, he pursues his client's objectives with appropriate professionalism
to avoid making a disagreement with the school unnecessarily hostile or personal. Avoiding unnecessary
hostility increases the likelihood of a prompt and favorable resolution, and helps promote a constructive
relationship between the family and the school in the future.
Mr. Lester's services are available anywhere in the State of Michigan.  

To learn more about Mr. Lester and his approach to resolving school problems, read
About James Lester or
contact Mr. Lester for more information or to schedule an appointment.
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The content on this website is for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal advice, and is not a substitute for legal advice.  Nothing on this website is intended to, nor does it create, and attorney/client relationship.  Mr. Lester
is licensed to practice law in Michigan only, and does not and will not take cases outside of Michigan.  The information contained on this website is believed to be accurate at the time of posting, but the law is constantly changing and no
representation or guarantee of accuracy is or can be made.  The information contained on this website is general in nature, and does not address the many exceptions to the general rules and other complexities that exist in the law which can
alter the rights and options of different people under different circumstances. Summaries or explanations about the law are based on Michigan law, and do not reflect the law in other states which may be different.
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Education Law Advice and Representation for Families
Case Review and Advice

Informal and Formal Negotiations with School

IEP Meetings


Due Process Hearings

Student Discipline Hearings Before School
Administrators or School Boards
Presentation of Problems or Policy Issues to School

Manifestation Determinations

Administrative Complaints to Appropriate
Government Agencies                 


Special Education
- Appropriate educational services and IEPs
- Appropriate and least restrictive environment
- Behavior issues and behavior intervention plans
- 504 plans and  disability accommodations
- Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) home and
school programs  
- All other special education related matters
Student Discipline
- Suspensions and expulsions
- Disqualification from extracurricular activities
- Zero tolerance policies
- Discipline of children with disabilities
Seclusion/Restraint Issues
- Assault, abuse and neglect by school personnel
- Parent's right to visit the classroom
Discrimination and Civil Rights
- Disability accommodations
- Freedom of Speech/Religion
- Mandatory vaccination
- Retaliation by school against student or parent
- Other forms of discrimination, unequal or unfair    
   treatment of child or parent

Bullying and Harassment by Other Students
Information Issues
- Freedom of Information Act
- Open Meetings Act
- FERPA (privacy of, and parental access to,           
  student records)
Practice Areas                                           

"It is the natural,

fundamental right of parents

and legal guardians to

determine and direct the care,

teaching, and education of

their children. The public

schools of this state serve the

needs of the pupils by

cooperating with the pupil's

parents and legal guardians

to develop the pupil's

intellectual capabilities and

vocational skills in a safe

and positive environment."

Michigan Revised School
Code, Sec. 10.
Academic Problems
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